Absolutely! Our unique approach partners with you to give you all the steps you need to take charge of your own care and get the results you deserve!

Clinically-Tested, but Made for Your home

Our approach is based on over 25 years of clinical experience in hospitals, rehab centers, home health and outpatient physical therapy clinics. Every course was developed based on tried and true results with real clients. We then designed our proven approach to translate into an online option to help clients regardless of where they live get access to expert care.  Each week you'll receive access to short videos and downloads that you can instantly incorporate into your specific guided rehab plan to help you be successful.

Built by Physical Therapists in a Clinical Environment

No Special Exercise Equipment or Room Required

Weekly Plan Designed for Your Busy Schedule. An average of 15 minutes per day.


Meet the Physical Therapist and Creator

Physical Therapist, Speaker and Educator, Kelly Dean, has been focused on helping people heal their core without wasted hours and exercises that do more harm than good. She is passionate about giving clients the tools and empowering them to get life long healing and real life strength. Armed with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and 25 years of clinical experience, Kelly has the education, experience and passion to help you restore your core!

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What can The Tummy Team Help Heal?

Pelvic Pain

Low Back Pain


Diastasis Recti

Abdominal Hernias

Upper Back Pain

Plus, sciatica instability, rib pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, prostate surgery recovery, constipation, traumatic birth, c-section and anything related to core weakness or pelvic floor trauma.

It's like having an Expert Physical Therapist in Your Home

Kelly will take you through the specific focus of each week with detailed videos and downloads that make it easy to start rebuilding your core—no matter your level.
Find the Right Rehab Plan for you.