An International Online Physical Therapy Clinic focused on Functional core restoration and Lasting pain relief.

Meet Your Physical Therapist

Kelly Dean is an expert in understanding the neuromuscular, postural, and alignment issues that contribute to core weakness, pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal separation. Her combination of multiple approaches specifically treats these conditions for long-lasting changes. Armed with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and over 25 years of clinical experience, it is a mission Kelly takes very seriously.

Kelly's Clinical Background & Credentials

  • Master's of Physical Therapy (1997)
  • 25 years of clinical experience
  • Owner of Tummy Team, specializing in functional core and pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Expert Speaker and Instructor at multiple professional conferences across the country
  • Instructor at Midwifery College of Utah

The Tummy Team was formed in 2009

With a mission to empower people everywhere with effective and life-changing functional core and pelvic floor health, The Tummy Team developed a unique approach to online rehabilitation so you have access to the specialist you need no matter where you live.
  • Abriliki H
    Kelly was understanding and compassionate, and helped me feel like I CAN get help/get better. She listened well to my situation and came up with a customized plan for me that feels attainable, but offers accountability too. Thank you Kelly!
    Abriliki H
  • Katie Guidry
    I cannot say enough good things about the Tummy Team. You don't have to be pregnant, post partum, or a woman to see huge benefits.
    Katie Guidry
    Core Foundations Course
  • Mackenzie Hoffman
    I completed the Core Smart Fitness program during my postpartum period. This was my second child, and after having significant pelvic floor dysfunction with my first, I wanted to be kinder to my body this time to allow it to heal completely. I honestly cannot recommend this program enough.
    Mackenzie Hoffman
    Core Fitness Course
  • Amanda Fredrickson
    I have had chronic low back pain for 7 years and have worked with many practitioners with no relief until The Tummy Team. Not only was Kelly able to identify what the root of my problem is, her Core Foundations course gave me numerous tools to move forward with in a way that I could easily integrate into my current lifestyle.
    Amanda Fredrickson
    Core Foundations Course
  • Sarah Brent
    I have so enjoyed working with Kelly Dean to heal a significant diastasis recti, regain mobility in my hips and reduce lower back pain. I especially love how the exercises and focus are on regaining the ability to live the life we are meant to. It's not about the workout so much as it is to live without pain and be able to function in real life situations.
    Sarah Brent
    Core Student

    We design proven courses for people that want results from home

    Every course was tested in a clinic, but designed for your home. With no long workouts or special equipment needed, these courses are designed for busy people who need results. We've designed several rehab plans that combine a collection of specific online courses for a holistic and complete rehab approach to restore your core.

    Find the right rehab plan for you