The Tummy Team’s complete collection of prenatal core training courses PLUS our postpartum birth recovery functional core and pelvic floor rehab courses as well as our transitional fitness courses.

Specific Core Training for Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Clinically proven tools to safely prepare the muscles of your core and pelvic floor for the demands of pregnancy, birth and throughout your full birth recovery.

Specialize Prenatal Treatment for...

Diastasis Recti, back pain, pelvic floor weakness, sciatica, pubic bone pain, poor fetal alignment, VBAC and trauma recovery births. PLUS a comprehensive postpartum rehab plan.

More Than just A set of Exercises

This is not a prenatal fitness course, it is a therapeutic approach to building the essential prenatal functional core and pelvic floor connection. PLUS a comprehensive birth recovery rehab plan.

Designed for Your busy life.

Your time is valuable. Get the specialized support you need from home on your schedule. Commit 45 min a week to watch the videos and then we build everything else into your daily routine.

We've Combined The Perfect Series of Courses Together to help you Prepare for Your upcoming birth Plus a Comprehensive plan for Your Birth Recovery. Included in your collection:  Prenatal Core Education, Prenatal Core Training, Core Preparations for Cesarean Birth, Nurturing Core Trauma Recovery PLUS Core Foundations, Floor of Your Core, Core Smart Fitness, AND Functional Core.

Prenatal Core Education

Your starting point. This mini course provides the essential education to help you understand your prenatal core needs and set you up for success with our approach to   prenatal core training and birth preparation.

Prenatal Core Training

Our 6-week online program that systematically and safely prepares internal core and pelvic floor muscles for the connection and coordination required for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and birth recovery

Core Preparations

In case your birth plan includes a Cesarean Birth, we have you covered.  This 4-week program specifically prepares the muscles of the core for a Cesarean birth and initial surgical birth recovery.

Nurturing Core

Our important core trauma recovery course thoughtfully guides women through the common but debilitating impacts of birth, fertility and sexual trauma. This course helps you navigate the emotional and physical roadblocks that disconnect can have on your rehab journey.

Core Foundations

Our most popular 8-week online course that takes you step by step through our functional core rehab approach and provides you with the tools and stategies to restore your core from the inside out and confidently return to a pain free and strong daily life.

Floor of Your Core 

Our highly effective functional pelvic floor course is designed to follow after Core Foundations and give you the next level of support and rehab to address lingering pelvic floor issues like incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain and more.

Core Smart Fitness

Our fun and effective 10 week step by step fitness course that helps you safely return to or begin fitness after rehab. Designed by our core rehab specialist, you get 5, 8-20 minutes workouts a week that progress you week by week back into a strong and safe fitness routine.

Functional Core

The next step in your functional core and pelvic floor rehab journey is to build your core strength into everything you do. This course goes deep into the daily demands of real life as well as helps you address sports, games and other activities that bring us joy and keep us active and strong for life.

You Get OUr (4) most popular Prenatal courses plus our (4) Most popular post partum courses!

Want this birth experience and birth recovery to be different?  You are in the right place!  Join us for a comprehensive clinically proven step by step approach to safely prepare the internal core and pelvic floor muscles for the connection and coordination required for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and birth recovery.  We have helped thousands of women, we can help you too!


Complete access to (8) courses designed for pregnancy. Watch in the comfort of your own home.

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Register for this Rehab Plan12 months of unlimited access


Complete access to (8) courses designed for pregnancy. Watch in the comfort of your own home.

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Register for this Rehab plan12 months of unlimited access

Meet the Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist and Midwifery College Instructor, Kelly Dean, has focused on helping mothers prepare their core for better birth experiences and treating troublesome core issues that are common to expecting women. Armed with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and over 25 years of clinical experience, Kelly has the passion, education and experience to help you restore your core.

Meet Kelly

Restore Your Core, Relieve Your Pain

Every Course is Clinically Proven to Prepare You For Your Best Birth Experience.

Expert Care from your own home, no matter where you live

Effective, clinically proven and affordable prenatal core training is hard to find. You need more than a prenatal fitness and childbirth education.  You need a step by step plan to physically prepare your body for the unique demands of this season. Now you can get expert care from Functional Core Rehab Specialist, Kelly Dean, no matter where you live at a fraction of the cost of traditional (often less effective) care.

Start Working with Kelly Today!

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