Designed specifically for Fitness Professionals

Comprehensive Tummy Safe Fitness Training designed for Fitness/Yoga/Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, or Chiropractors

29.5 CEUs Included in this Package

  1. 1
    Core Education COMBINED — 2 CEU
  2. 2
    Core Foundations ($269) — 8 CEU
  3. 3
    Core Foundations for Men ($229) — 6 CEU
  4. 4
    Comp Tummy Safe Fitness ($425) — 12.5 CEU
  5. 5
    2 eSessions 30 min ($200) — 1 CEU

The Tummy Team creates online education combining video and downloads to help you get easy to follow CEU courses that you can do at home on your timeline. The course keeps track of your progress so you can easily do the courses in sections and return without losing your place.


Professional Core Education

We begin with clear foundational education on functional anatomy of the core and pelvic floor and set the stage for the step by step for how rehab safely transitions into fitness.

Core Foundations

Included is The Tummy Team's most popular women's functional core rehab course. This course treats diastasis recti, low back pain, core weakness, pelvic instability and more. It creates the foundation for core safe fitness.

Core Foundations for Men

Also included is our most popular men’s course that shows you the unique functional core rehab approach designed specifically for men with diastasis recti. This is key to understanding how men heal and build core strength without injury.

Comprehensive Safe Fitness

Our indepth personal trainer course to help you safely and effectively transition clients from rehab into fitness and beyond. This training will set you apart in your fitness community. Covering weight training, group fitness, and more, you will have the tools you need.

Get The Training YOU NEED

Want to train clients to have a strong core and pelvic floor without causing injury?   You are in the right place!  Learn clinically proven Tummy Safe Fitness from diastasis recti rehab and fitness specialists Kelly Dean and Fit2b's Beth Learn in this comprehensive professional training program.   We have trained hundred of fitness professionals, we can train you too!


Complete access to our Fitness Professional Collection plus 2 personal training eSessions with Kelly Dean, MPT.  (Total of 29.5 CEU's) Save $223 with our Apprentice Pricing.
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Complete access to our Fitness Professional Collection plus 2 personal training eSessions with Kelly Dean, MPT.  (Total of 29.5 CEU's) Save $223 with our Apprentice Pricing.
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Register for this Rehab plan12 months of unlimited access

Meet the Instructor and Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist and Instructor, Kelly Dean, has been working with professionals around the country in person and online to share the effective Tummy Team approach to core rehab. This is far beyond a set of exercises or stretches but a comprehensive, functional approach that can be used with clients of all ages and abilities to help them live strong and pain free lives. Armed with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and over 25 years of clinical experience, Kelly has the passion, education and experience to help you effectively treat your clients and get the results you want.

Meet Kelly

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