Each rehab plan combines a hand-picked collection of our most effective online courses to provide a comprehensive rehab approach that will help you regain strength, rebuild your core, and return to a healthier and happier you. We've made it simple to find the rehab plan that is right for your needs.

Repair Functional Core Weakness

We train you to use movements you are doing in your everyday life to effectively rebuild the missing strength in your internal core muscles. Practical tools help you start feeling better right away and we include creative strategies to help you be consistent and get results.

Ideal for treating...

Everything related to functional core and pelvic floor weakness including but not limited to: Diastasis Recti, back pain, & pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal hernias, sciatica, SI joint pain, pelvic pain, birth prep and recovery and surgery prep and recovery.

No Special Equipment Required

This is a real life functional rehab approach so it is less about specific exercises and more about how your body can rebuild strength within the routine of your every day life. You do not need special equipment or a lot of space for the rehab, most of the work is done upright in sitting or standing.

Just Minutes each Day

Each course has a set of videos you watch at the start of your week and then we give you practical ways to integrate the tools and strategies into your daily life.  You set your schedule and routine and we help you be successful. Most weeks it is only 45 min of videos  and daily integration of about 10-15 minutes.

Which Rehab Plan is Right For You?


Women's Core Rehab Collection

The Tummy Team’s complete collection of foundational core and pelvic floor functional rehab courses for women. 

Men's Core Rehab Collection

The Tummy Team’s complete collection of functional core rehab courses for men.

Prenatal Core Collection

Our complete prenatal core collection for women experiencing... see more

Prenatal Plus Core Collection

Our complete prenatal PLUS our postpartum core collection for women experiencing...

Advanced Core Collection

The Tummy Team’s advanced core training courses to take your rehab to the next level of functional integration and personal fitness....

Restore Your Core, Relieve Your Pain

Every Course is Clinically Proven to Improve and Strengthen Your Core

Learn in the comfort of your home. No special equipment required.

Every course was tested in a clinic, but designed to do at home. No long workoutsNo excessive time commitments. Instead, we train you to use your everyday routine and activities to improve your strength and get back to feeling better.

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