The complete collection of The Tummy Team’s advanced core training courses to take your rehab to the next level of functional integration and personal fitness.

Designed as a follow up to our Functional Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab.

Targeted approach to functional integration.

Advanced tools and strategies build your new core strength into every area of your life.

An Advanced Core Fitness Plan.

You get 5 workouts a week x 10 weeks to systematically rebuild your core into a safe and effective fitness routine.

A Step by Step Plan

ou get the structure and routine you need to be consistent and get lasting results.

Safely build real life strength.

Clinically tested exercises and activities that help you be strong for life not just a series of exercises.

Recommended for anyone who has previously completed a Tummy Team collection or has been working with a local PT and is ready for more advanced techniques.

Core Smart Fitness

Our fun and effective 10 week step by step fitness course that helps you safely return to or begin fitness after rehab. Designed by our core rehab specialist, you get 5, 8-20 minutes workouts a week that progress you week by week back into a strong and safe fitness routine.

Functional Core

The next step in your functional core and pelvic floor rehab journey is to build your core strength into everything you do. This course goes deep into the daily demands of real life as well as helps you address sports, games and other activities that bring us joy and keep us active and strong for life.

You Get these (2) advanced rehab courses!

Core strength is a journey. Advanced Core Fitness is the next step toward total core rehab.


Complete access to (2) courses designed for your advanced core strong lifestyle. Watch in the comfort of your own home.
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Register for this Rehab Plan12 months of unlimited access

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Complete access to (2) courses designed for your advanced core strong lifestyle. Watch in the comfort of your own home.
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Register for this Rehab plan12 months of unlimited access

Meet the Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist and Functional Core Rehab Specialist, Kelly Dean, has focused on helping people restore their core and return to the life and activities they love for over 25 years. Armed with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and experience with thousands of clients at all levels of fitness and activity, Kelly has the passion, education and experience to help you meet your next strength goals.

Meet Kelly

Restore Your Core, Relieve Your Pain

Every Course is Clinically Proven to Rebuild Your Functional Core Strength Into Real-life Results.

Expert Care from your own home, no matter where you live

Effective, clinically proven and affordable advanced core training is hard to find. You need more than a fitness instructor or a generic fitness plan.  You need a step by step plan designed by a world renowned functional core specialist to help you do the right exercises for the right reasons. Now you can get expert care from Functional Core Rehab Specialist, Kelly Dean, no matter where you live at a fraction of the cost of traditional (often less effective) care.

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