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Clinically-proven courses that help alleviate pain and strengthen the core. Taught by a certified Physical Therapist.
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Physical Therapist and Speaker, Kelly Dean, has been focused on helping people heal their core without wasted hours and exercises that do more harm than good. Armed with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and 25 years of clinical experience, it is a mission Kelly takes very seriously.
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Tummy Team is bigger than online classes. We're on a mission to support core strength no matter your unique needs.

Every person has unique needs. The Tummy Team has developed tools for every level of care. Online courses, one-on-one eSessions, local endorsed practitioners are all options for care.
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Every Course is Clinically Proven to Rebuild Your Functional Core Strength.

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Effective, clinically proven and affordable functional core rehab is hard to find. Now you can get expert care from Functional Core Rehab Specialist, Kelly Dean, no matter where you live at a fraction of the cost of traditional (often less effective) care.
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